<p>my interviwere notified me today...i called him...he asked me to ponder some questions before the interview but did not ask for me to bring that means dont bring anything right?</p>

<p>I did a campus interview, and wasn't required to bring anything; it went quite well. I don't know why you should have to bring something (it sounds like your doing an alumni interview).</p>

<p>I would suggest you bring at least a transcript, though (wish I had), really just to discuss in the event of a conversation lull.</p>

<p>Tennesse: you don't need to bring a transcript. First, the idea of the interview is not to talk about numerical data the admissions office will have a chance to see, and second, the interviewer should not be talking about your grades. (My mom did alumni interviewing for two top schools for a while, and they were expressly told not to ask about grades, scores, etc. perhaps the interviewer is curious, in which case you can say something like, "I did well." You need not give actual data).</p>

<p>If you want to bring something, that something could be an item related to what you like to do. If you were an artist, you might consider bringing along your portfolio. If you work on the school newspaper, you might bring along a copy. That's more of a conversation jump-starter than a transcript.</p>

<p>And don't forget to write a thank-you note to your interviewer! The interviewer doesn't have a lot of time in his or her day and chose to spend a good deal of it with you.</p>

<p>How interesting that your interviewer contacted you like that...I just flew up there and met my lady, who was AWESOME by the way. We just chatted about english and whatnot for an hour or so. Don't think about your interview too much or script out your answers; just have fun and be yourself. You'll do great. =)</p>

<p>I had an interview AT the university last weekend. Should I send my interviewer a thank you note? I don't know if it would just seem obsessive or something.</p>

<p>send a thank-you. It doesn't have to be over-the-top. But thank-you's are really, really nice.</p>