Interview Advice?

<p>I have an admissions interview coming up soon. Does the GU interviewer (alumni) have a set format of questions or is it spontaneous? Would you suggest I bring my portfolio, resume, etc. with me? Any suggestions?</p>

<p>its different for everyone. bring everything you think best illustrates who you are (resume, portfolio), but for the record: my interviewer didn't want to see my resume, but others work straight off of it.</p>

<p>i didn't bring anything to mine today--and i really didn't need it. basically, he asked me questions, but they weren't set, he wasn't reading off a paper or something. good luck</p>

<p>mine read off a list and when i asked questions he was like let's wait until i get done with these questions i have to ask... my guess is that the more experienced interviewers don't follow as strict a format.</p>

<p>I did and SFS interview, and it was very informal. I went to the guy's house, we chatted a bit about this and that (Jarhead, literature, languages) and he asked me some stuff about what I want to do and why Georgetown and all that, very standard stuff, but really relaxed. I didn't bring anything with me, and afterwards gave me his card to keep in contact (I don't know if I particularly impressed him or that's just his style).</p>

<p>Best advice I can give is that you don't be nervous. Just be confident. Just think to yourself that you won't get bothered if they don't like you. Otherwise you may end up stuttering and acting really reserved, which isn't good. Let it flow.</p>

<p>Good Luck.</p>