Interview Advice?

<p>I just had my Brown interview and it went extremely well, but I was wounding if anybody out there had any specific advice for a Yale interview besides "be yourself" or "know about the school". My interview is approaching very soon and I want to be prepared! Thanks!</p>



<p>I had a fabulous interview with both Brown and Yale. Luckily, both interviewers and I connected really well at the personal level (medical career goals, loving the institutions, etc) I definitely found knowing about the activities and specific professors to be really helpful. For my Yale interview, my interviewer actually grew up down the street from where I live now and even went to the same high school as me so that was great to talk about. I also would prepare questions-why did you choose yale, what is your favorite memory of yale, what class did you enjoy the most, what was your favorite activity, favorite aspect of the residential college system etc
They sound generic but they definitely brought up more topics of conversation and my interviewer really enjoyed reflecting on his college days.</p>

<p>Good luck and don't worry!! You'll be great!</p>

<p>AdmissionsAddict started a very nice thread on interview advice. Most of your questions will be answered there. Please read through that and post specific questions that might not have been covered. Good luck.</p>

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<p>Well thank you all for the advice. My interview is today and I'm sure it will go well.</p>