Interview Advice


I’m going to be doing interviews for different schools soon and I’m really, really nervous. I’m praying that I don’t seem hostile or awkward in front of them and therefore, leave a bad expression.

Does anyone have advice for the interviews? What kind of questions should I ask in particular to the interviewers? Is it useful to do “mock interviews” with your parents before the actual thing? To all the fellow advocates and patrons, please help.

Thank you so much!

Still no progress? and

Why would you seem hostile?

Thank for the links! I’m not sure but my expression may be a bit sober.

None of my kids have ever applied to prep schools, but they’ve both landed part time jobs this summer. And I spent a number of years as Chairman of my department, interviewing potential teachers. So, for what it’s worth, here’s my advice:

The point behind an interview isn’t always about your answers-- most of that will already be on your application.

The interviewer wants to see who you are. They want to find that something that your mom and your dog and your best friends and your teammates all love about you.

So smile. Make eye contact and offer a firm handshake. (Yes, you can practice these!!) And have a conversation. Talk about your interests. Know some concrete reasons why you want THIS school-- what do they offer that makes you think they’ll be a good fit? (Hint: the answers can be found on their website.) What do you bring that makes you think you’ll fit in? (Ditto). You can practice this stuff as well.

Have questions prepared. Again take a look at the website and come up with some-- your parents can help here.

And relax. You won’t be the first shy kid they’ve interviewed. “Shy” does NOT equal “hostile.”

But interviewing is a skill. You’re on the right track by thinking about practicing ahead of time with your parents.

And I bet that when you’re talking about something you love-- your dog or a local sports team or science Olympiad or whatever it is that you love-- your expression is far less “sober.” So that’s what you want to talk about.

At the end of the day, you want to give them a reason to say yes. So find all those qualities that those who love you love the most, and find a way to make them shine.

Good luck!!!

Be humble if you think you are a super student. They dont want to have smart but arrogant sudents very often. At the same time, be genuine and show your passion.

Don’t be nervous! I remember when I did my (on-campus) interviews for E and A last year, I was extremely anxious before, but my interviewers were very nice and it felt just like a regular conversation–and this is coming from a pretty shy/introverted person!

One question I’d definitely recommend you’d think a lot about is: why did you apply to/why do you want to attend _____ school?

I did a lot of research/reading into E and A and asked my interviewers questions I had about sports/clubs/classes that interested me the most. If you can’t think of any questions, look through the websites of the schools you are applying to and see if there’s anything you would like to learn more about, and ask your interviewers that.

Also, definitely follow up after the interview (make sure you have their business card!). When you’re in the car, write a thank-you note (handwritten card or email) and send it as soon as you can!

When you greet him/her give a firm hand shake. Maintain eye contact, smile, make it seem like you are very interested. prepare questions on a sheet of paper then refer to it during the interview, when I did that, one of my interviewers said they were very impressed. Make it seem like that school was meant for you.