Interview advice?

<p>Hey, I just wanted to see if anybody had any tips for grad school interviews. I'll be going on my first one in mid-March, and have no idea what to expect. When I did this for undergrad, it was dress casual, and I blundered through it. I'd like to do much better for the grad school interview.... what do people wear to these things? I'll be bringing my most recent work to go over with them, but other than that what do they ask you? What are the make-or-break things I need to know?</p>

<p>just be urself. they just want to know if you are the same person you presented on paper.</p>

<p>Just as you would for a business interview, wear professional, conservative clothes. This will help you make a strong first impression.</p>

<p>conservative clothes + art program = ?????</p>

<p>Woops. Your particular academic pursuit wasnt mentioned :) </p>

<p>Still, dont dress like the lead singer of The Cure. At the very least, I think that you should always dress business casual.</p>

<p>ACK- only 21 hours to interview! I'm getting butterflies, and not little cute yellow butterflies but big scary science-exhibit-type butterflies knawing at my stomach. I'm flying out on the first flight tomorrow morning, and I haven't even begun to pack. Actually, I haven't even begun to do laundry, much less pack. My portfolio's only 90% done.....</p>