Interview Advice

Next week I have my first interview and I was wondering if anybody with experience in this process could provide suggestions on what to dress (I’m contemplating business-casual with a button-down, khaki slacks, and a vest) and perhaps some questions to practice with/prepare to answer.

Any advice would be much appreciated!

Most interviewers really want to see you at your best, so try to think of this as a conversation. Here are some of the questions you might be asked:

Why do you want to go to boarding school? (Along this line, they could ask about why their school hit your radar. Or where else you are considering – on this one, you can give some generalities that also fit them, ie "girls schools with 3 hours of home, xyz and other schhols with a fencing program, etc. This really is about your thought process, so answer that way. This isn’ta trick question!)
How do you like to spend your free time?
What are some of your favorite books?
How do you approach your homework?
What’s your favorite subject? Why?
How would you describe your current school?
Tell me about a time your spent time away from home.

Also, think of a few questions you might ask that aren’t answered on the website.

While you may feel intimidated, remember that your interviewer is also selling the school. They want you to apply and they want to like you and for you to like them. These can be fun and informative for everyone!

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Thank you very much, @gardenstategal! You really didn’t have to, but I sincerely appreciate it and am very grateful for this list. It truly helped me relax and take some of the pressure off. Someone recently offered the advice that I will be accepted and attend the school where I will fit in the most since that is what the application process is all about. :slight_smile:

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That’s great advice. The more you can be yourself, the better the sorting hat works!

As for clothes… It depends on where you’re applying.

While there are schools where business casual would be underdressed, there are others where it would be overdressed. Aim to dress a little better than the average student.

Also, make sure to wear appropriate footwear suitable for walking the campus. It’s hard to be cheerful when footsore.

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I believe the schools want to see that you’re able to manage life at a boarding school. Do you know how to approach adults for advice, academic and otherwise? Have you done so in the past? Do you help strengthen and nurture any of your current communities? How have you adjusted to new or challenging social situations?

I would try and answer these concerns, even if never stated directly to you, in your answers.

I appreciate this, @stalecookies. I’d hate to be walking around the campus with a hurting foot.


I appreciate your comments, @visiblename2! I have come up with some responses to these questions that include particular situations in which I demonstrated leadership.

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Fortunately, as a guy, there is less pressure to wear impractical shoes.

At one place my kid interviewed, there was a girl wearing ballet flats that looked very unsuited to the terrain. Might be a great choice on some other campuses.

Hey! One thing about interviewing is that you should always be yourself. I know it sounds really cringey but it seriously helps. Talk about your interests and give examples, talk about what you love. Say for example, if you like science, talk about the courses they offer that’ll prepare you for what you want to do when you’re older and talk about what you like about science! If you’re nervous, they understand! It’s a scary process but as you talk more in your interview it’ll feel more like a fun talk! Good luck next week, I’m rooting for you!


Thank you very much, @elaine_ding! In my practices with my guidance counselor, I’m still attempting to strike a balance between having just enough personality and not being too silly. :joy: