interview at diner - what should i do??

<p>I just got called by a Cornell alumni for an interview. I was so surprised when he called - I didn't even complete my application yet but I guess they call you once you send in your Part I. My interview is at a diner (and on my birthday too :(), so does anyone have any advice?? No joke, I have never been to a diner before so I have absolutely no idea what to order or anything. I'm assuming that I can dress casually but how casual should I go? Jeans and a nice shirt??</p>

<p>From the posts I have read the interview doesn't mean much anyway, it only helps, but barely at that, so relax, be yourself, and don't worry.</p>

<p>heres what u do...u sit down...shake hands...he starts askin u questions...u confidently hold up your hand....say "waiter...two prime rib steaks...and dont hold the gravy"...interviewer says "i really only wanted coffee..." to which u reply "dont worry...its on me"....</p>