Interview dress code

<p>What is appropriate dress for a campus admissions interview? </p>

<p>What about a local interview with an alum?</p>

<p>guy or girl?
guy, on campus, business casual
local interview, a polo/ button down with khakis should work</p>


<p>I am concerned because some of the interviews will be done the same time as the info sessions and campust tours. I can't imagine walking around campus for a couple of hours in a suit in the middle of July!</p>

<p>well thats different, dress comfortably then</p>

<p>Go for a nice short-sleeved polo and khakis. Worst case, you can bring clothes to change into before/after your interview if you're afraid of it being too hot.</p>

<p>If it's a campus interview, just wear decent looking clothes and you'll be fine. I think for local interviews it's always good to go wearing shirt/pants.</p>

<p>At the last minute my D was asked to add an interview for her school's Presidential Scholarship onto her orientation and registration weekend. </p>

<p>It was hot and muggy, and the candidates were told to be comfortable. She wore black chino pedal pusher shorts with a thin argyle pattern cotton sweater top - the goal was to look serious and mature without being uncomfortable the rest of the day walking between buildings on tours and sitting through sessions. The other candidates wore short shorts and t shirts for the most part. I will not conjecture about the factors that affected the panel's decision, but my D was awarded the scholarship!</p>

<p>"I" like to think it helped that she looked like a scholarship candidate without being overdressed.</p>

<p>S1 just came back from interviews at Bates nd Bowdoin... and got resounding kudos from both Assistant Deans for 'going all out' with blue blazer, dress shirt, tie, khakis, belt and dress shoes. Not sure it will make a difference in the final analysis - but it certainly didn't hurt.</p>

<p>If you are taking in campus tours/group info sessions during the same visit, I'd try to arrange to do those after the you can change into something more comfortable for those components.</p>

<p>Don't forget to send your thank you notes afterward ;)</p>

<p>I would suggest a shirt with a collar, i.e. a polo shirt and pants or shorts without holes. It is important to look neat, but you don't have to be overdressed. My daughter interviewed at Bates and Bowdoin last summer in shorts, sandals and a nice top. She was accepted at both schools. What you have to say is way more important that what you wear.
I agree wholeheartedly about sending thank you notes afterward!</p>