Interview, GAH!

<p>I plan to apply EA, so would August be too early to have an interview? Also, what sorts of questions do they ask? I'm a little nervous. I'm not that shy but I'm afraid I might screw up and then lose my chances at my dream school...somebody please give me some hope...?</p>

<p>they just ask the general "what are your main ec's" type of questions plus some less than general ones. for me, it was "if you could eliminate one thing, what would it be" etc. for each interviewer, it varies a lot. just relax and talk and elaborate on what you say... time flies by when you're having a good interview so relax. another suggestion is getting Schneider's Campus Visits and College Interviews book. It has tips for first-time interviewers, what to do beforehand, if you're shy person, etc. Hope that helped.</p>

<p>If I want an alumni interview (since I already visited and NJ is not near Chicago), will they just contact me after I send my app in? Or do I need to specifically request one?</p>

<p>as to that, i'm not sure, best thing to do is just call undergrad admissions office and ask. they're very nice people</p>

<p>I don't think it matters when you interview. August should be fine. </p>

<p>For my interview, I was asked intriguing questions that one can not prepare for, i.e. what historical character do you wish you could be. If you are genuinely excited about UChicago and its atmosphere, then your interview should go fine.</p>

<p>Don't be nervous, and don't prepare. You will just be having a conversation, if your interview is anything like mine was. I think I waited until later in the year to have my interview, though, and I also applied EA.</p>

<p>On-campus interviews are available right now, Monday through Thursday during the summer, and Monday through Friday for the rest of the year. Call 773-702-8650 to schedule an on-campus interview. They are available some Saturdays as well.</p>

<p>Alumni interviews will be available during the school year. To request one, log into the online application and click "Request an alumni interview" after September 13.</p>

<p>Also, these guys are right, interview questions can vary greatly, from why to men play 5 sets in tennis while women only play 3, to torture and interrogation, to "why do you like math?"</p>

<p>torture and interrogation?......That should calm his down, good luck buddy.</p>