Interview Help!!! Need Advice!

<p>I am a rising Senior and I have an interview this Thursday at the admissions office at Rice followed by a campus tour and information session. I was wondering if anyone on here has had an interview before with Rice and would like to give me some advice on what their interviews are like. I would greatly appreciate it! I am assuming they will ask questions similar to these - College</a> Interview Questions - Be Prepared For These Common College Interview Questions</p>

<p>Be prepared to discuss what you can offer Rice in terms of activities, intellect, spirit, etc and why Rice is one of your top choices (with specifics about programs that you like).</p>

<p>When I had my interview at Rice in August, it was really relaxed- more so than I had expected. You’ll probably get asked at least a few of those standard questions (that website is so very useful), but in my experience, there weren’t any “gotcha” questions or anything intentionally designed to trip you up. Just be prepared to talk quite a bit about yourself, your interests, etc. Also, I think it’s always a good idea to have a few solid questions to ask at the end of the interview, since it shows interest. </p>

<p>In general, don’t worry too much about it. Odds are, it’s not really going to make or break your application, so just be yourself, and chances are that it’ll go just fine. Best of luck! :)</p>

<p>Thanks a lot for the reply @LastShadow! Appreciate it. I already have prepared some questions to ask too.</p>

<p>@muchdogs07 Yea thats what I figured. I already have a list of things featuring programs of Rice that show why Rice interests me. I just need to think and figure out what I can offer to Rice.</p>

<p>One thing that makes Rice stand out in my mind is the Oxford College system of housing, with dorm assignments all four years and the esprit de corps. Just a suggestion, but you might want to focus on a personal trait that would be appreciated in such a setting.</p>

<p>Its kind of hard to explain but I have a unique extracurricular activity where I make highlight tapes and pump up/inspirational videos for the University of Miami Football Team that they watch before games and such to pump them up. If they ask me what I can bring to Rice or what I have to offer, Could I say that I could pull together the student population and get them more involved with the Football Team at Rice and get more students to attend games through my pump up/inspirational videos? Just a thought</p>

<p>Don’t say that… Rice has no football team. But you could talk about getting them pumped up.</p>

<p>Rice actually does have a football team, trust me… Getting whom pumped up??</p>

<p>Oh wow, haha, stupid moment. I guess I assumed they didn’t have one since I’ve never see then on TV or anything.</p>

<p>And I think it’s actually a great idea to talk about how you could get students more excited about athletics, since it seems like there isn’t too much enthusiasm for their teams.</p>

<p>haha yea they are pretty bad and no one really cares there… thanks for the input i will definitely then talk about that.</p>

<p>I’m actually doing an on campus interview in september, would you mind telling me the questions they ask you?</p>

<p>Also, Rice is my #1 school, and I know some much about it in terms of academics and social life–just obviously I know nothing about the sports :)</p>

<p>Yea sure</p>

<p>Lol their sports are nothing special. Are U doing ED?</p>

<p>I would avoid mentioning that your SN is “canefreak” :)</p>

<p>I am. You should post something in the applicants thread I made :)</p>


Someone obviously doesn’t follow college baseball.</p>

<p>^^^^That’s the only one I have heard about :slight_smile: Proud of myself. That’s saying a lot for me too considering how little I know about college sports.</p>



<p>This. Half my family had only heard about Rice because we beat them in baseball. Lots of people in the Midwest know about Rice because of its baseball team.</p>

<p>Anyway, whatever you say in the interview, my advice is to focus on being genuine. I haven’t had any experience with the interviews at Rice, but all the interviews I did elsewhere were very conversational, so I wouldn’t worry too much–just talk, don’t force it, and make sure you have questions (that’s a staple for any interview).</p>

<p>Also, just as you should have questions in any interview, those questions shouldn’t be easily answered on the organization’s website.</p>

<p>@Dorian_Mode “Someone obviously doesn’t follow college baseball.”</p>

<p>l I actually love College Baseball as I am a huge Miami Hurricanes fan. I know Rice has a tremendous baseball program. I just was mainly referring to fooball. It was a stupid comment to make though</p>