Interview Help... What do I do?

I am applying to MIT regular decision and I know that the interview is more important than in the Ivy League schools (from the Common Data Set), and so I do not want to botch this up. However, my interviewer is my dad’s acquaintance’s wife. You might think this is good, but, my dad and this acquaintance have had some major beef, to say the least. Now the acquaintance knows who I am, but until this past summer, the acquaintance’s wife didn’t know who I was until her and her husband stumbled upon me across a festival one day. Now my parents (who’s paranoid is spreading to me) believe that she will be prejudiced against me and will write a bad review. However, a small part of me still believes that she would keep her private affairs from her public ones, but I don’t know her that well. I’m 100% sure she will recognize who I am and will tell her husband. What should/can I do???

You can email MIT and ask for a different interviewer. I wouldn’t say anything about the beef just that your family has a preexisting relationship with that person. You aren’t supposed to have an interview with someone who knows you or your parents anyway. One of my kids was assigned to someone I work with on a daily basis so we both emailed and let MIT know. It was no big deal.

@acdchai Should I email the MIT admissions office? Or is there another specific department that I should email to? Do you think my email would be enough or should my parents email too?

You can just send an email to interview at MIT and they will assign you a different person. It was very simple. Just say that your family has a relationship with the person you were assigned and that you feel like it would be better to have someone interview you that you do not already know. Like a few sentences nothing complicated. MIT doesn’t want you interviewed by someone who knows you/your family. I honestly don’t think the interview matters that much anyway unless it is terrible but it should be just like everyone else with someone they don’t know.