Interview in the Middle-East! help

<p>Hi guys,</p>

<p>I'm from Israel. I applied to Princeton only two days ago and already got contacted by the head of the almnus committee in Israel.
2 questions:
1) Does everyone get an interview (in Israel)? Or did I already passed a first screening of my app?
2) How's the interview in general? I don't know much about Princeton.. Is the interview going to be very different compare with a Harvard's one (for those of you who applied to H)</p>


<li><p>Princeton tries to get as many people interviewed as possible as long as there are enough alumni in the area that you live in. So if you're contacted for an interview, it doesn't necessarily indicate that you've passed their "preliminary screening" or something like that. Sorry :(</p></li>
<li><p>I guess it depends on people, but my interview was really informal (at a Starbucks lol). The interviewer and I just talked about Princeton (try asking stuffs like how was it like there, what did u study...) as well as other really random stuffs like travelling and my random hobbies. Just be yourself and try to showcase your personalities instead of being an over-polished version of yourself. Maybe you can try research a little about Princeton like the programs and the extracurriculars that you're interested in, to show them that you're really interested in P. Overall, don't worry too much about it, cos it's gonna be really informal and fun (according to my experience). Good luck :)</p></li>