interview mistake?

<p>i had my princeton interview and it went really well. i just don't know if i made a stupid move and screwed up my chances when my interviewer asked me what other schools i applied to-- i replied honestly and said schools like penn, nyu, harvard, yale, and that i was accepted into uchicago & georgetown EA.</p>

<p>does it matter? i was just being honest, and i know i made it clear that i do want to attend princeton for the rest of the interview but still, would it influence princeton in its decision?</p>

<p>Yes it would influence their decision.</p>

<p>Because now, they know that you could be going somewhere else and that Princeton is not the only school you applied to (gasp!).</p>

<p>But don't worry, this will simply mean that they will be more likely to accept you - but ONLY IF you tell them that you are absolutely going to matriculate at Princeton. That way, they can easily reduce their competitors' matriculation rates, and therefore go up in the rankings of USNewsweek and World Report.</p>

<p>Though of course, that would only matter if it was Harvard that you had gotten into EA...</p>

<p>So I guess you kind of just shot yourself in the foot there.</p>

<p>haha, i guess i was overreacting. this admissions process is just making me question everything and be paranoid all the time.</p>