Interview preparation

Lehigh optional interview, what should I expect in terms of questions and preparation?

My D interviewed a few cycles ago and found it very enjoyable!

She was applying for engineering and the admissions counselor asked her how she would describe engineering to a 5 year old.

She was asked also asked why she was applying to Lehigh, and about her ECs, and leadership roles. I’m sure there were other questions but that’s what I remember her sharing.

She also had time to ask questions so come prepared with those.

At the time, the interviewer even talked to parents for a few minutes but I don’t know if they are still doing that.

Our experience with D20 was any “optional” (non-evaluative) interview was a chance for her to ask specific questions one-on-one. While there was some discussion about her and her interests, it was mostly to get her comfortable talking. The experience was casual and a bit of a sales pitch because interviewers would talk up points of activities or classes that they thought would be of interest to her. There really isn’t much to prepare for, other than having questions about something they offer that you are interested in.

Lehigh is different @helpingmom40 - they still have ad coms doing evaluative interviews, not alumni.

While technically optional, Lehigh is big on demonstrates interest so it would be a miss to not request one. I would think they wouldn’t ding a student if they didn’t have an interviewer available but it should at least be requested.

@momofsenior1 out of the 11 interviews my daughter had, none was an alumni interview and 2 were with a student. One was with a Dean of Admissions because of a clerical error on the school’s part and we were stunned D20 got a thank you note from her!

Just curious @helpingmom40 - were your D’s interviews non evaluative even with admissions?