Interview Question

<p>The way I understand it is that after you submit your application, Yale will contact an alumni interviewr in your area who then contacts you. My question is this:If you are submitting your application on Nov 1, how can an interview be scheduled and conducted fast enough for it to be of any consequence when the admissions committee is reviewing your application? After all, they only have a short while to make their decisions.</p>

<p>Excellent question, which I have also posed to my daughter.</p>

<p>The admissions office sends the names of applicants to the Alumni Schools Committee director for your region. The ASC director, not Yale, is responsible for assigning interviewers to applicants. Some ASC regions are areas within a single city, some regions are entire states.</p>

<p>Different ASC directors have different ways of assigning interviews. EA interview reports are due to Yale by December 1. Whether that's doable in your ASC region depends on how many applicants there are, how many interviewers are available and how quickly Yale processes applicant names to the ASC directors. If you get your application in on November 1, it shouldn't be a problem, but it all depends on the dynamics in your ASC region. There are probably a few applicants that fall through the EA interview cracks every year, but I'd bet the vast majority do not.</p>

<p>A friend of mine submitted her app a couple weeks ago and had an interview within a couple days.</p>