Interview questions

<p>DS has his interview at Mudd next month. Unfortunately (because he could use practice...), Mudd is one of top choices and this is first interview, but with summer sched best we could do. What should he wear?? Mudd seems casual, but would it be too casual for the standard jeans and t? Jeans and polo? Of course can do khaki, etc., but would love advice. Any other hints?? Guess my anxiety seeping through :) thanks!</p>

<p>Our son wore khakis and either a polo shirt or a button down shirt (I can't remember), but it was in the fall on the East Coast. On cool days, he wore the button down because it had long sleeves. I don't think it was necessary to be this dressed up. I would be interested to hear what other students wore. </p>

<p>But your son shouldn't worry about the interview. He should just be himself and talk about what he likes to do. My son, who is a real introvert, actually said he enjoyed it.</p>

<p>My daughter interviewed at Mudd during spring break and wore dressy shorts and sandals. Most students on the tour were in very casual clothes and many of them did interview that day. My d did go in with a short (3 - 5) list of questions mainly regarding test scores, sports, and clubs. Everyone at the campus was very kind and accomodating through the tour/interview. She was nervous but thought it was a very nice two-way conversation.</p>