Interview Request

My D applied RD but early and for scholarships. She was contacted today for an interview. Any significance? My friend’s son applied ED a few years back, also got an interview and was rejected. I guess it’s not a bad thing but curious if anyone has any insight.

It means they have people in your area who can do interviews.

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That’s interesting, I didn’t know they did interviews. I have two kids who are current students at Emory, both applied the same as your D (RD but before the merit scholarship deadline) and neither had interviews. Best of luck to your daughter!

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I am one of the emory interviewers. It is an alum
In your area. Not all students are asked and she can say no - it won’t hurt. But saying yes can help. The questions are designed to simply learn more about your child than any application can show. It should be fun for your child to do and will allow your child to ask questions of an alum.

Thanks. She will definitely do it, unless she gets into her ED school. It’s scheduled for a few days after EDs come out. I was just curious about significance of interview request. Doesn’t seem to be any real significance. We’ll see. So much uncertainty in the process.

Are the alum interviews evaluative? Or informational only?

My son, now an Emory Junior, applied ED, did not get an alumni interview, and got in.
My daughter, now an Oxford freshman, applied RD, did get an alumni interview, and got in. I am convinced, as they have told us, interview slots from alumni are random and based on availability.

Informational. Emory wants to know the student more.

Personally I love doing them. It’s fun chatting with the perspectives and giving them tan opportunity to ask anything they want to ask too. I cannot do them in a year when I have a senior in high schools so I am out this year. I have a son in year two at a Oxford and a daughter waiting on her decision now. As an FYI, neither of mine were invited by an alum to interview and I do live in a place where we do a lot of them. It’s not offered to everyone and there are all different factors at play.