Interview this Friday...

<p>I go for my interview on Friday. What kind of questions will they ask?</p>

<p>I have no idea but best of luck!</p>

<p>Usually it's just a conversation...sometimes they really stick to topics pertaining to you and other times they really digress. Once, my friend ended up talking about Korean soap operas with her interviewer because they both watched them. I'm sure you'll do great...are you excited? Don't be nervous...I'm sure everyone here is rooting for you!</p>

<p>I Just Had My Interview Today.. Nothing To Worry About... It Went Really Well :)</p>

<p>really? how do you request for one? last time before i sent my app, i requested but they told me that they'll only give interviews after they've received my app. is it true? then isn't there very little time for them to make a decision as im ea?
oh harpingchic what did they ask you? were there really weird questions?</p>

<p>past this week it's pretty much too late to have an interview for ea... they just asked normal questions btw.</p>

<p>how could it be too late to have an interview for ea? I interviewed on campus, but I was under the impression that once they processed your app, your local person will contact you...and as long as it's before Dec. 1, you're good</p>

<p>i was talking about on-campus... most of the spots are filled anyways... alumni interviews go on til then, yes.</p>

<p>Harpingchic, most of the interview spots are full or yale has already decided on most of their EA applications? Also, did you hear how many people applied this year EA?</p>

<p>no, Yale set an end-date for on-campus interviews a looong time ago, I think it's sometime mid-month. They probably haven't even started looking at apps yet</p>

<p>Has anyone been contacted for an alumni interview yet?! I can't stand this sitting and waiting lol...</p>

<p>Mine is an alumni interview.</p>

<p>nope, not yet.</p>

<p>i sent in my app on nov 1- how long till they contact you?</p>

<p>oh so i'm supposed to sit tight and wait for them to contact me? shucks...
nope, i've decided that i'm going to email them and nag them about this. i really want an alumni interview! but don't know if i can get one though. i live in singapore after all.</p>

<p>Vanillaice, I haven't been contacted for an alumni interview either but I hope it's not because they've been trying to call me - I just lost my cellphone! I hope they'll e-mail. By the way, there are quite a few Yale alumni in Singapore so I don't see why we shouldn't get an interview - in fact, the US college advisor at RJC, Ms. Ng E-Ching, was a Yale valedictorian! I wonder if she does interviews.</p>

<p>I read somewhere on the Yale admissions website that you only get an interview if your school is covered by an ASC. My school is a British School in Spain and I'm pretty sure it isn't covered by an ASC... Does this mean I won't get an interview?</p>

<p>wmgan, i just had an interview for the u of miami this friday. it went ok i guess...for my first interview ever. it was at sheraton hotel...pretty fancy right?
i asked yale before i even sent in my application and they told me that they'll inform me after they received it. but they should've received it by now. i mailed it almost two weeks ago! i don't think they'll contact you by phone...most probably by email. in fact u of miami contacted me by email for the interview though it wasn't an alumni interview. the interviewer was the associate director of international admissions.</p>

<p>Actually, vanillaice, Yale only informs you after they have "processed" your application, meaning entered your info into their database. They don't do that immediately upon receipt of your application, because I guess too many applications arrive at any one time!</p>

<p>You've already submitted your application to U of Miami? That's early! You didn't apply EA right? Cos you can't if you applied to Yale EA.</p>

<p>i'm trying to submit all my applications now so i can just party after my o levels...hehe...
are you applying for u of miami? because i saw your post at the u of miami thread. no i didn't apply for EA. my heart is set on yale. but my interviewer keep insisting that i apply EA for u of miami and obviously i couldn't tell him there and then that my first choice is yale. hey, could they find out where you applied EA to if you use common application?</p>