Interview.. with a 20s Female Alumni..?!

<p>:P I’ll make sure to stare at her chest! ;)</p>

<p>Wish I had a 20 year old female for mine…</p>

<p>I had a 60 or so male for my interview. He was awesome, but nothing can replace a young college-age female interviewer…</p>

<p>you better hope she isnt real ugly</p>

<p>@thekidizbak it’s an interview, not a date…</p>

<p>^^honestly though.</p>

<p>Who the hell cares if the interviewer is ugly?</p>

<p>Actually, the uglier the better, it’s easier to be confident in front of someone who’s less attractive than yourself, that’s just my personal opinion.</p>

<p>1.Thank you 45percenter, a little Latin knowledge goes a long way.
2. To the OP, am I to understand that you are incapable of interacting with half the Earth’s population? As has Ben pointed out, this is an interview not a date. Dress smartly, look your interviewer in the eye when answering questions and ask a few intelligent questions yourself and everything should be fine. If you can’t interact with a female interviewer what makes you think you will be able to interact with female professors at any university, much less Penn?</p>

<p>I actually became good friends with my former Princeton interviewer. She was a little miffed that I chose Harvard over Princeton, but since we both live in NJ, we had some coffee afterward and still talk quite a bit. Point is, you want to keep it professional, but remember that she’s in your age range. It’s a little easier for her to remember when she was in your shoes. Use that fact to your advantage.</p>