Interview.. with a 20s Female Alumni..?!

<p>Hey guys. </p>

<p>I'm not socially awkward at all, but this was unexpected. I haven't gotten a phone call nor email regarding an interview but I JUST got a phone call from an alumni.</p>

<p>She's in her 20s and she wants to meet up at a local coffee shop for the interview, and I'm not very good with females.. especially not with people in their 20s!</p>

<p>How should I go about with this interview?
It's next Monday, in the afternoon (lunchtime.)</p>

<p>What should I wear? I'm not very good with professional clothing (especially not with pants) - would it be okay for me to wear dark jeans and a slightly more casual dress shirt?</p>

<p>How about shoes? What should I take? Should I bring a resume? </p>

<p>WHAT DO I DO.. I'm so scared. I expected a male alumni in the 30s and 40s range.. not some 20s female alumni. X______X SO scared.</p>

<p>Help me!!</p>

<p>Put the moves on her!</p>

<p>XD aww, you’ll be fine</p>

<p>just have someone who knows a thing or two about fashion help you pick out an outfit. i think dress pants with a nice shirt and dress shoes (black socks!)</p>

<p>just relax and be yourself (cheesy, i know). good luck!</p>

<p>@fruitsalad: that’s the problem! i look really, really bad in dress shoes & dress pants… my body is all out of proportion. :frowning: i have thunderthighs from runnings around & biking so much…</p>

<p>i usually go to school in flipflops, brown shorts, and a semi tight shirt…</p>

<p>hmm… it’s a little difficult to help this kind of situation over the internet, but i’ll try.</p>

<p>first, you’re going to have to be dressed atleast semi-formally, so she knows you’re taking the interview seriously. find a friend who’s good with clothes/fashion/etc (possibly a friend who happens to be a girl?) and either have them dig through your closet or go shopping with you. </p>

<p>second, confidence will out shine any physical disproportion. appropriate clothing and overall cleanliness is the important part, but you’ll have to accept your body as it is!</p>

<p>confidence and charm are more sexy than an amazing body! (i’m not kidding)</p>

<p>(and btw, i don’t quite believe you. if you really run around and bike that much, all that cardio must have resulted in something positive. usually, runners are hot, but that’s just my opinion :P)</p>

<p>haha my interviewer is also a female alumnus in her 20s who wants to meet up at a coffee shop! i’m really nervous too! i guess the best thing to do is relax, be yourself, and don’t stress too much over how you look. i mean, as long as you look presentable, you should be good. I would definitely bring my resume.</p>

<p>my interview is set for this friday. i’ll probably be showing up in a nice dress shirt with khaki slacks and dress shoes. As for jeans and a casual dress shirt, thats exactly what I wore for my last interview (i’m dressing a little nicer this time since my interviewer is a wharton alum, they tend to be more of the serious type). anyways, i’ll let you know how mine went</p>

<p>good luck!</p>

<p>last interview…? aren’t you applying early decision to Wharton? that means you should’ve had only one interview right?</p>

<p>(or are you talking about some other program prior to college applications?)</p>

<p>i did early action to mit too</p>

<p>ah okay that makes sense. jeans + dress shirt… hope that works. :(</p>

<p>calm down. really. you’ll be fine and you’ll look ok too. </p>

<p>being nervous and jittery is not going to help you, like blankusername said, just relax and be yourself.</p>

<p>good luck!</p>

<p>(just out of curiosity, does the interviewer being a 20 something female really make it that much scarier than say a 40 something male?)</p>

<p>My interviewer for Princeton was a female who graduated in 2007. Boy did we have fun ;).</p>

<p>@CrimsonFuture & thefreakedout</p>

<p>You lucky dogs…</p>

<p>Maybe… my friend (who’s also applying to UPenn) said recent graduates (20s) were really chill. :smiley: Hopefully it’ll go smoothly.</p>

<p>Rofl, your worried that it is going to be some super hot 20 y/o and your going to be increadibly nervous. Just chill out and imagine its a 80 y/o male alumni.</p>


<p>Alumnus = one male graduate
Alumna = one female graduate
Alumni = more than one male graduate, or a mixture of male and female graduates
Alumnae = more than one female graduate</p>

<p>Learn them, know them, and use them. You’ll impress your friends at cocktail parties (and maybe an occasional college interviewer). :)</p>

<p>You really shouldn’t be worried about interviews! I dressed pretty casually for my interviews: dark jeans, new pair of dark vans, and a nice, semi-casual buttoned shirt. I’ve done interviews for MIT and Chicago, and especially since you are meeting at a coffee shop, there’s not much to worry about. After all, it’s really not how well or poorly you dress that becomes the most important part of the interview. </p>

<p>If you are interviewing with a Wharton alum, I do recommend that you dress more nicely: dress shoes, khakis, and a nice and neat dress shirt. The most important thing is that you seem confident and stay professional. I hope you have a great time. </p>

<p>And you should be glad you got a female interviewer who is young. I think they tend to be the funnest people to talk with. I find it more awkward when I talk to older alum who are guys, haha. Unfortunately, I won’t be getting an interview for Penn even though I’m applying ED because I live in an inactive alum committee, so best of luck to you!</p>

<p>LOL, I thought you meant a woman who graduated from Penn in the 1920’s hahahaha XD, I was about to tell you to not bring a cell phone because the technology would just freak her out… jk :D</p>

<p>I think you will get nervous if you look in her eyes. I suggest you look at her chest instead. The whole time. Just stare at her chest.</p>

<p>haha, yeah that is some good advice, do that and I guarantee you will get in.</p>

<p>I am glad you got it–web humor is so hard to pull off.</p>