Interview Worries

<p>Hi there everyone</p>

<p>I'm an international applicant (Canadian) who has yet to get an interview while another student applying from my area with very similar stats has received one. Does Harvard prescreen for interviews? Is it too early to start worrying about not receiving an interview? As a Canadian, I'm supposed to wait to be contacted by an interviewer, but when is the deadline for interviews to occur?</p>

<p>Harvard doesn't pre-screen for interviews. If there is an alumni group in your area, Harvard adcoms will forward your information to them so they can set up the interviews. Also, not having an interview won't hurt your application does it mean that Harvard wants you any less.</p>

<p>Thanks Quillabee, any idea when Harvard needs its interviews by just so I can get an idea of around when the deadlines are?</p>

<p>I am not sure about that. Maybe some other CCers will have an idea.</p>

<p>if it happens, it should be within next couple of weeks.</p>