<p>How do I schedule an off-campus interview? On the Rice website there is a place to request/schedule on-campus interviews, but I couldn't find any application for off-campus interviews.
Also, would an on-campus interview look better since it would also be a campus visit? I only live about 3-4 hours away from Houston, but since interviews are on weekdays, it would be quite the hassle to go, so I'd rather not unless it will really help my chances (applying ED)</p>

<p>Future</a> Owls</p>

<p>You're right, subzero -- no info's up yet about off-campus interviews...
If I remember correctly, this info goes online in September, or you can call Admissions...
It's clearly stated that on-campus or on-campus makes no difference....</p>

<p>Yea, guess I'll call and ask, can't seem to find anything online.
Also, I saw that they said on/off are treated identically, but I guess what I really meant to ask was whether a campus visit looks good? since an on campus interview would give me the chance to do a tour,etc as well</p>

<p>It makes sense to take a tour and chat with students, to see if this is where you'd like to spend your college years. It could confirm that you're making the right choice to apply ED -- or it could make you decide to look at a few more schools before limiting your possibilities. As to whether a campus visit looks good to Admissions -- better to ponder if Rice looks like the right place for you ...</p>