<p>I have an interview in two weeks, a bit nervous. Can anyone tell me what to expect? Thanks!</p>

<p>I told them I was interested in an interview, but I still haven't been contacted. When did they tell you?</p>

<p>I have an interview on Saturday. Quite nervous. Anyone have tips on how to prepare?</p>

<p>know the standard college interview questions and you;ll be fine. they don't ask you any out of the box questions</p>

<p>nondairycreamer - did you have yours already? If so, how did it go?</p>

<p>Yeah I already had mine in August. It was an on-campus interview with a 4th year student. </p>

<p>It went fine. She asked the standard college interview questions like what your favorite books is, what you want to study, why you like Chicago...etc.</p>

<p>Oh, that seems pretty straightforward. A bit more relaxed now. Thanks!</p>

<p>Yup. NP & GL!</p>

<p>It's a really informal, relaxed conversation.<br>
Make sure to have a couple of good questions about UChicago too - ones that are specific to what you're interested in.</p>

<p>Also, you can read more about student interviewers at UChicago here: Student</a> Interviewers | The University of Chicago College Admissions</p>

<p>I did one back in September, it was very pleasant.</p>

<p>Basically you wait for your interviewer in this lobby, and then he takes you back to a small room where you sit across from each other and have a very casual conversation. He asked me questions about my favorite classes and what my most important ec was and whatnot, as well as some quirky ones like "If you were elected mayor of your hometown, what book would you have everyone read?" He then gave me the opportunity to ask him any questions and then that was basically it. </p>

<p>It took all of 25 minutes, not at all worth the stress I went through worrying about it lol.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>I just had mine. It was very informal and nice. We had it at a coffee shop and went about 35 minutes, and I just talked about my interests, activities, what I wrote about in my essays, why I liked Chicago, and then I asked my interviewer a few questions. Not really all that stressful, and in the end she told me she liked me and would put a good word in for me. :)</p>

<p>I just had mine as well. My interviewer asked the generic college interview questions, but we had some interesting conversations about specific classical composers and how we read. I did feel like he gave his opinions more than I spoke about myself, but at the end of the interview, he said he could imagine me as one of his classmates at UChicago and that, of all applicants he's interviewed (which is probably not many), I'm the most "UChicago-esque."</p>

<p>I did mine like an hour ago. It was fun. We met at Starbucks for ~50 minutes. She started out with "why do you want to go to Chicago?" which was a little nerve-wracking, given that this was my first interview, but it turned out to be mostly a chance for me to talk about my interests and ask questions about the school. Definitely low-pressure. No really outr</p>

<p>Thanks for all the advice! I have mine Wednesday! Ill let you know how it goes!</p>