<p>Hello all, I have my Tufts interview tomorrow afternoon, any last minute tips? Did anyone get tough/unexpected questions? Oh and as for dress code, mine is at the alumnus' house, should I dress up or stay more casual?
& anything you think is worth mentioning, thanks! :-)</p>

<p>Inside</a> Admissions Tufts University Admissions Department</p>

<p>From the dean of admissions: "The choice is yours. The interviews are conversations, and they usually take place at your school, in a library or a coffee shop, maybe your home if that’s cool with your parents. But you should never go to the interviewer’s house. If they suggest that option, please say “no, thanks” and let us know. (That feels creepy.) We’ll reassign you. "</p>

<p>The "never" sentence is underlined and everything. </p>

<p>I don't have the type of personality that would opt for the interview, so I don't know what to tell you.</p>

<p>That's interesting my older son had several (not Tufts) interviews at alumni houses and it never felt creepy to us. It sounds like Tufts has forgotten to tell the interviewer what the rules are. Generally interview attire is business casual - khaki pants, button up shirt or polo, no tie for a guy. Maybe a sweater, jacket only if you like them. A young woman would wear the equivalent. Skirt or nice pants, simple blouse. Nothing too sexy.</p>

<p>Thanks for the replies!
I had my interview earlier today, not creepy at all, though I understand the warning. However, most of my friends who have interviewed have had it at the alumnus' house - granted, these were not for Tufts
But anywaaaays, for other interviewees, I wore black dress pants and a nice sweater, and it was a very informal conversation-like talk. It ended up being about forty five minutes with the last 15 minutes pertaining to any questions I had, and her talking about her own experience. Although she had graduated in the '60s so some of the info may have been a bit outdated :)</p>

<p>I had my interview in the beginning of January. I was actually amazed at how fast I was contacted to set up an interview. It was at a coffee shop and the interview itself had a very informal feel, it was actually very nice, we chatted and he bought me a mug of hot chocolate, which was extremely kind. I wore dark dress pants, a nice blouse and a sweater. I was so nervous leading up to the interview and when I got to the coffee shop, not really knowing what to expect, but I quickly learned there was nothing to worry about. Before either of us knew where the time had gone, over two and a half hours had passed. He waited with me for my mom to come pick me up after the interview (I have very poor eyesight and can't drive) and gave me a hug after he introduced himself to my mom and we were saying good-bye. He was very kind and gracious. I don't know how much the interview actually affects the application decision, but I think mine went quite well. I have my fingers crossed, and I'm counting down the days to February 15th!</p>