<p>Hello I applied to Colby Regular Decision and I have not been offered an interview yet. I know it is probably not mandatory but I really wanted one because I tend to interview quite well. I live in Los Angeles, are there few alumni here? Someone get back to me soon.</p>

<p>Greetings, dsgraf - You are correct that interviews are not mandatory for admission to Colby; however, we do offer interviews for prospective students both on-campus and in select locations around the world throughout the year (with either an alumnus/a or admissions representative on the road). Unfortunately, the deadline to request an alumni interview for this year was in January.</p>

<p>If you have any questions about Colby or your application, or would like to be in touch with your regional admissions representative, you will find our staff list here: Colby</a> College | Admissions & Financial Aid | Ask Our Staff.</p>