<p>A regional representative from Chicago came to my school and gave a few interviews and an information session. I wasn't able to schedule an interview (the spots were all filled up), but made the information session. I talked to the representative later, and she said that it was okay if I didn't have an interview since I would have learned pretty much the same thing from an interview as from the information session anyways, but that if I really wanted to, I could probably find another alumni in my area to get an interview.
The representative will also be the "first reader" of my application, by the way.
Should I still try to get an interview? Or is it fine if I don't have one? All my questions were basically answered at the information session, so I'm just wondering how much the school wants to get to know applicants through the interview (if it will hurt my chances if I don't have one).</p>

<p>When we were at Chicaco we spoke to an officer about this. He suggested to check the box on the application requesting an alumni interview. He was very positive that the alumni interview would be a good experience and that the person likely will be interested and take time to get to know you. Also they are given instructions/training for what Chicago would like. He seemed to think we should definately do this, so this conflicts a bit with what your rep advised. So it's back to what you think. I don't think your rep is really going to advise you wrongly, so I guess it's up to you.</p>