<p>So, they gave me the name of the person who will be interviewing me, and his contact information.
The probelm is, how do I contact him?
what should I say in my email?</p>

<p>I am sort of scared because whenever I sent an email to professors/other high-ranked people before, they ignored it</p>

<p>What if he doesn't reply?</p>


<p>how do I contact him?</p>

<p>you use his contact information.</p>

<p>what should I say in my email?</p>

<p>hi, you're my interviewer, I'm your interviewee, let's rock.</p>

<p>What if he doesn't reply?</p>

<p>Then you emailed the wrong guy.</p>

<p>EC's are MIT alum, not MIT professors (though some alums do become professors, they're very few). They're just regular people for the most part. Being an interviewer is a completely voluntary act. They interview for the school because they enjoy meeting applicants and having a say in who is admitted into their alma mater, so relax.</p>

<p>Yes, as pebbles says, if their name and contact info are listed as your EC, they are EXPECTING you to contact them and say, "Hi, I see you're my EC, I can't wait to talk with you! When is a convenient time?" They are WAITING for you to contact them. They may have a goodly number of people assigned to them, so contacting them early is a good idea -- later they won't be able to be as flexible with available times. Enjoy!</p>

<p>Thank you very much again :)</p>

<p>How did you get the name of your EC?</p>

<p>When you sign up for a MyMIT account, the name and contact information for your EC should be visible.</p>