<p>I had an interview a while ago and it didnt go too well...nothing specifically bad happenend but the covnerstation was not interesting like with my other schools he mainly talked about himself...he did not seeminterested in what I had to say, however he was very interested in indirectly asking me about my religious background. The guy was old and I have trouble relating to old people, its not that I am shy around them, its just I have trouble connecting.</p>

<p>will this hurt my chances alot? (I am an ILR applicant)</p>

<p>Cornell doesn't seem to do so well with alum interviews so maybe they really completely ignore them as so many schools claim they do. The alum didn't even show up, and never bothered to call afterwards (he hadn't given a contact of any kind). Emailed school, they said they'd ask him to reschedule, but he never made any contact. Doesn't give much of a positive impression for the school, does it?</p>

<p>I think the alumni interviews are meant to be more informational rather than evaluative. Do not get a bad impression about Cornell, its just one bad apple.</p>

<p>I still love cornell, I am jsut affraid that the interview will hurt my chances...</p>