<p>My alumni interview is this Thursday. Can anyone give me a heads up on how it goes and stuff? I'd greatly appreciate the input of people who have already had theirs. </p>

<p>Thanks a lot.</p>

<p>What I have figured out - by alot of reading on this site - is that a great interview will not get you in to a school, but a bad interview could keep you out. Relax, be confident, and be yourself - I'm sure you'll do fine. My son had his alumni interview last week. I made him review articles and questions before the interview and he told me the interviewer didn't ask ANY of them! I would sugest bringing an activity list, to give the interviewer something to review and ask about. I would also review the basic questions and issues about yourself (most important EC, etc.) that you want to get across if you have the opportunity to discuss. (My son's interview was great and she commented on his excellent stats., etc )</p>

<p>I brought my resume, a transcript, and my essay (the one that all applicants have to do). It was all neat and in a nice folder, too. :) </p>

<p>My interviewer didn't ask me anything specific about the school- this isn't a quiz show! They don't necessarily want to know how much you KNOW about Georgetown, they want to know how much you WANT TO GO to Georgetown.</p>

<p>Don't ask questions that can be found in the prospectus! That's a bg faux-pas.</p>

<p>Dress nicely, maybe a little nicer than your everyday school clothes- but don't overdo it! They'll know if you're "dressing to impress." They want to see your style because that reflects your personality, too.</p>

<p>That's all I can think of now... maybe I'll think of something later and post it!</p>

<p>My interview is next Tuesday. </p>

<p>what kinds of questions are good ones to ask, if my standard "are there abroad programs?" won't cut it? lol</p>

<p>I disagree on the dressing too nicely bit. you can never dress too nicely. at my dartmouth interview, i saw a girl who was dressed a bit better than school clothes but nonetheless she looked out of place and her interviewer gave her a disapproving look when she walked in.</p>

<p>Welllllll maybe I didn't think twice about not dressing extremely nice because my interviewer is from Berkeley (going to Cal) so I assumed that they were young and laid-back, which they were (luckily)!</p>

<p>Some questions I asked: what made you choose Georgetown over other colleges? What first attracted you to Georgetown? What were your best and worst experiences at Georgetown? Blah blah blah... There's a rough guideline for you. :)</p>

<p>I got a whopping one question.. "Tell me about yourself."</p>

<p>Other than that, it all went rolling from there -- there were no questions, just a discussion. </p>

<p>And oh, try to avoid being threatened at the cafe by a vagrant outside. It does you and the interviewer wonders (for those of us in the Georgetown forums, you know what I'm talking about ;)).. </p>


<p>I'd ask a somewhat provocative question: "What did you most like about Georgetown, and what did you really hate?". Another good one to ask is how their Georgetown education has served/helped them in life.</p>

<p>Thanks, everyone. The responses were helpful.</p>

<p>hehe, at my harvard interview i asked something about abroad programs and he was like...uh...i think that's on the website. i felt dumb. he answered anyway though.</p>