<p>so i'm going to interview at bates next week and was wondering if anyone had any insight, experience, or advice with this(what kind of questions do they ask etc). any and all help is appreciated!!!</p>

<p>I interviewed at over ten schools. My Bates interview was my absolute favorite and a large part of why I decided to apply ED II. It wasn't like the others, which eventually became pretty stale. The interviewer didn't just ask me questions based on what was on my resume. It felt like an intense, deep conversation that flowed naturally. We talked about everything from the fact that the swim team at my high school felt like a cult to what it takes to truly be happy. We definitely got into some abstract territory, but I enjoy those kinds of discussions. I left feeling great about Bates and really enjoyed myself. It sounds obvious, but relax, have fun, and be yourself.</p>