Interviews at Bennington

Hi everyone, as the title says, I am a prospective student and am really interested in Bennington. I am wondering what the interview is like, and if any accepted students remember what the questions were like, I would be grateful if you could reply. Thank you in advance!

hi! i’m a perspective student as well, and i just had my interview the other day. i arrived about ten minutes early and was led into the office of a woman in her mid-thirties. she was super nice from the start, and brought us both water. as soon as we sat down she told me “i don’t really have any set interview questions, we can just talk.” it was very casual (she was also wearing crocs) and we had a great conversation that lasted about 45 minutes. i would say just be yourself and talk about what you’re interested in, the interviewers are very welcoming and just want to get to know you. hope this helps!