Interviews + timing

<p>College fair happens here early Oct. D is planning last college visits early Nov. Should she interview with rep who attends college fair OR interview when she visits OR BOTH? Also, D interviewed with several schools when we did Spring Break visits, should she make contact with those reps when they are here in Oct, and interview again? How much is too much? or too little?</p>

<p>Are you sure that she can interview at college fair? I have not seen reps interview at the college fairs that I've attended. </p>

<p>Colleges that keep track of contacts may care if she stops by to say "hello" to the rep, but many colleges don't track things like that.</p>

<p>If the reps are visiting her school, that's the place to definitely show up to demonstrate continued interest.</p>

<p>I never heard of interviewing at college fairs. I've been to a few of them and they are loud, casual events. I think interviewing at the college is best. One interview is just right, what would be the reason for doing more then one?</p>

<p>My daughter was able to interview with two schools during a college fair visit. One was the Admissions Director the other was the regional rep. Both interview were given the day of the college fairs that were held at two local private schools. The one with the Admission's Director was held in the lobby of the hotel he was staying at in the early evening, and the other was at a Starbucks during lunch, a mile from my daughter's school. </p>

<p>My daughter contacted each school before to see which rep would be attending and if interviews would be available.At that point she arranged for the interviews. She had already visited both of these schools the spring of her junior year so she knew she would apply.</p>

<p>Many school kept tabs on the contacts you make with them, so if an interview isn't possible, make sure she goes by the table and chats with the reps. Always sign in to let them know you were there. If she is interested in interviewing, I would have her call the school and see if that is a possiblity. One of the schools sent out postcards to let the kids know that they would be holding interviews after the college fair.</p>

<p>Hi Pokey318- That's pretty much what is happening here. The colleges she has shown interest in either by way of internet requests for info or from our Spring Break visits, have sent her letters or postcards indicating they would be scheduling interviews the weekend before the college fair (here it's a Mon morning session, Monday evening session, the Tues morning only). Like you mentioned the interviews are held in the hotels or Starbucks. </p>

<p>My question is: If she visited, attended classes and interviewed at UWho KNowsWhere over Spring Break, should she arrange for ANOTHER interview with the rep who is here for college fair? </p>

<p>Also if she is planning to visit,overnight,attend classes, interview at UWho Knows Where Else in Nov, should she interview with rep who is here NOW for college fair?</p>

<p>I would say if she is visiting and interviewing on campus, or has already visited and interviewed on campus, then there is no need or reason to interview at the college fair; she should visit the booth, though, and say hello--and sign the guest sheet, or whatever is available simply to record her interest.</p>