<p>I'm having my first school interview on monday and i was wondering if anyone new any interview questions the admission officers may ask and questions the the person being interviewed should ask the admission officer.</p>

<p>Questions that the officer will ask you:</p>

<p>it varies from school to school as they may add a question that applies uniquely to the, but it is usually the same thing. Where do you go to school? How do you like it? What’s your favorite subject? What do you do out of school athletically? What do you do in school for extracurriculars? etc.</p>

<p>Questions that your friend should ask:</p>

<p>whatever questions he/she has.</p>

<p>A word of advice:</p>

<p>It’s more of a conversation than an interview, although some of the interviewers don’t like to talk a lot.</p>

<p>oh ok thanks</p>