I am applying to Brandeis RD. I was looking at which of my schools had interviews, and I saw that Brandeis doesn’t require, but considers interviews “helpful” in the admissions process. When I went to sign up for one online, it seemed they don’t have any left. Will this affect my application? My guidance counselor said this would be a safety school for me, but paranoid-me is always reasons for ways that the admissions office will reject my app. Will not doing an interview affect my chances?

Brandeis was a late addition to my S18 list and he also could not get an interview last year. He was accepted so it did not seem to hurt him. We did do a campus tour. Are you close enough to easily do a tour or visit? I think it helps to show some interest but do not think an interview is necessary. They know they do not have enough interview slots for all applicants.

Just be careful that your attitude that it is a “safety school” does not show on your application. Brandeis may be likely for you but I would not call it a safety school for anyone. They look for students who will be a good fit. Take time with the supplement - there was a short “Why Brandeis” type of essay and you want to make sure to give a thoughtful answer.

Good luck!

Brandeis is not a safety for anyone. I would call it a match school for you. Do take a tour if possible, and put thought into your application. Good luck.

@Momma2018 Yes, I toured Brandeis sophomore year and I indicated that on my application. I chose a different prompt for my supplement, but I think my response was pretty thought out