So last week I did (in-person) interviews at 5 different boarding schools and I’m wondering how I know if I did well or not. At 4 of the schools, they flat-out told my parents that I was exactly the kind of person that they want and all seemed like they genuinely liked/wanted me. However, at the other school, I didn’t get such a flat-out response and I’m wondering if that’s bad or if I just got lucky with my other schools. They didn’t seem to not like me but were certainly not as enthusiastic (my only other thought was that this was a more prestigious school and that maybe they just don’t show their thoughts as much). I’m not trying to sound braggy here I’m just an overthinker so I just want the opinions from people who know way more about this stuff than I do. Also how much weight does the interview hold compared to other things?

Read absolutely nothing into this. You will know how you did on March 10


I was reading a BS newspaper in which the admissions office bragged about how many of its on-campus interviews converted into completed applications. It’s hard to tell how an admissions office is measured, but this metric would encourage very positive comments from admissions office.


I could not agree more.

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