<p>just got back from dartmouth, i literally had my senior interview yesterday, it was the first contact i'd had with dartmouth for a while</p>

<p>then tonight an alumni called me for another interview scheduling-- out of nowhere. it was weird.</p>

<p>so i'm doing two interviews! i hope this can only help me and not hurt!</p>

<p>I've heard that applicants are contacted for alumni interviews, but can you contact admissions and ask for one? Is this seen as "pushy" or "taking initiative"?</p>

<p>It's seen as showing interest. However, you won't be penalized if you just wait for a call from your alumni interview, and either way I honestly don't think that an interview helps you that much. I personally didn't have an interview.</p>

<p>I thought I read it clearly stated that a student should wait to be contacted. I'm not sure, though; maybe it was for another school.</p>

<p>It never hurts to simply call and simply ask a college what their policy about interviewing or whatever is. Some colleges restrict on-campus interviews to legacies only, some simply get booked up very, very quickly, and others are more than happy to schedule you for whenever you want. Case in point: I literally scheduled my Yale interview 2 weeks before my visit back during junior year summer. On the other hand, when I called Harvard a month before my visit, they told me they were booked through August.</p>

<p>the only school i am applying to that requires an interview is Gtown</p>

<p>but interviews can't hurt</p>

<p>I just came back from my second interview...I think it went really well...she laughed at a lot of stuff I said, so I thought that was a good sign</p>

<p>It was more like a conversation than a formal interview.</p>

<p>I applied ED and haven't heard from an alumni yet. Of course, I'm from Hicksville, Kansas (not really, but still, Kansas), so I'm not sure how many D-alumni there'd be out here.</p>

<p>The only Dart alumnus that I know of in my area is the local district attorney, so I'm not sure if I want an interview . . .</p>