<p>when I visit Princeton, it will be awkward because this is an Ivy League and what many books rave about and now I will actually set foot on one of the "forsaken Ivies"...</p>

<p>is there any intimidation when I am visiting Princeton?</p>

<p>You're intimidated to set foot on campus because it's "prestigious" and ranked highly in a set of rankings and books? That's a bit much...</p>

<p>pooh, intimidated? Celebrate! Obviously, the normal thing to do is to throw everything down and run about screeching on the grass...</p>

<p>i have the stats, just need to take the new SAT, so i guess I shouldn't feel intimidated.</p>

<p>so there isn't an elitist "i'm better than you" culture up there?</p>

<p>ok... that's relieving...</p>

<p>oh is that what you mean. </p>

<p>i have no clue about an elitist culture but it can't be very much worse than any other top school. Don't forget that there are plenty of cross admits; the type of people admitted to any of the top schools are very much the same.</p>

<p>I didn't get one single solitary elitist vibe while I was at Princeton during pre-frosh days. But somehow,...everyone still seems to think that Princeton is just a bunch of snobs.</p>

<p>i was definitely worried that i'd feel like an idiot or all the students would be ready and willing to show off their intelligence. </p>

<p>but have no fear, when i was there NO ONE was at all like this. everyone was so friendly and incredibly willing to help. it was fabulous. i highly doubt u'd have an intimidating experience.</p>

<p>ppl only think the Ivies are snobby because either they didn't get accepted or they just wasted their entire life in highschool doing "cool" stuff.</p>

<p>thanks for the replies. school ends in a few weeks, so i am making plans to visit before I apply for ED. undoubtedly, princeton has the most strategic location of any ivy...</p>

<p>I never got to visit, amnesia. Tell me how your trip goes : )</p>