Intl. sophomore questions?

<p>Hi everyone. I'm a sophomore in a U.S embassy-affiliated college in Cairo (Cairo American College). Anyways, I've had good grades in freshman year, a 3.8 cumulative I believe. For sophomore year however, I'm doing badly in my second quarter, a 3.3/4.3 (down from a 3.67). I'm also taking a very rigorous course choice if that matters, with many EC's as well. What I want to ask is, if I'm applying to well-ranked colleges in the U.S, and have plans for a rigorous AP or IB course-filled curriculum the next two years, what should I do to ensure that I have a decent chance to get in? What should my GPA be for this next sophomore semester, as well as for the next two years.</p>

<p>I took my ACT there(OCT 23). :D :D
If you would like to get decent chance at getting into any college of choice you should probably take all the AP's your school provide, fill that list of EC's, and score well on either the ACT or SAT. Some colleges have a SAT subject test requirement you should check that out too.</p>