Intl student aiming for CS - need help in school selection

Chance DS23 with specifics below:
** Demographics (location, residency, HS type, legacy, US or Int’l, gender, etc)** : International, Male

  • Intended Major(s): Comp Sci or Math+CS
    *** UW GPA, Rank, and Test Scores (also weighted GPA for systems like UC/CSU):**
  • UW GPA : 3.96 out of 4
  • Weighted Capped GPA for UC system : 4.29 (calculated in Rogerhub)
  • Weighted Uncapped GPA: 4.36 (School offers very few AP subjects)
  • IB predicted score : 44/45 (expected)
  • SAT: 1530 (800 Math, 730 EBRW)

*** Coursework**: International Baccalaureate (IB Diploma) with Physics HL, Maths A&A HL, Chemistry HL, Economics SL, English Literature & Language SL, French SL. AP Statistics - 5 (sophomore year).
-Senior year: Continuation of IB diploma courses mentioned above. In addition, AP Calc BC (not offered by school, plans to do self study)
-AoPS and other outside-of-school classes covering Number Theory, Combinatorics, Graph Theory, Linear Algebra etc.

*** Awards:**

  • 2X AIME qualifier
  • Fermat Math Contest Honor Roll (conducted by CEMC, Canada) – sophomore year
  • Distinction in Euclid Math contest (CEMC, Canada) – Junior year
  • Lead member of champion Varsity team in quiz bowl
  • School award for French
  • Extracurriculars (incl. summer activities, competitions, volunteering, and work experience)
  • President, Math Club
  • Co-founder, Mu Alpha Theta Math Honor society
  • Math tutoring (100+ hours)
  • Awesome Math Summer Program
  • Mathily Summer Program
  • Python programming
  • Vice President, National Honor Society
  • Class Council
  • Music Honor Society
  • Essays/LORs/Other
  • Expect them to be good
  • Cost Constraints / Budget
  • Budget is not a constraint
  • Schools including Safety, Match, Reach (include ED/EA when applicable)
  • High Reach : Cornell (ED), UIUC (EA), GTech (EA), UMich (EA), UC Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD
  • Reach : Purdue (EA), U Maryland (EA), U Wisconsin Madiosn (EA), U Toronto, U Waterloo, UCSB
  • Match: UM Amherst, Rutgers, Any other suggestion? (Assuming no safeties for internationals)

DS 23’s list appears reach-heavy. Shall appreciate any suggestion on more “Match” schools.

If you are a full pay family I think some of your reaches will be matches. I would be surprised if your son isn’t accepted at Purdue, UMD, and Wisconsin.

Someone more knowledgeable can speak to the Canadian schools but they are even more stats driven so I’m also thinking they are more matches than reaches.

For another true match, take a look at RPI. My daughter thought it felt like a smaller version of Purdue.

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If you’re able to full-pay, there should be many excellent options. It can be helpful to look at which schools have higher numbers of international students in their undergrad population, as that usually means that a qualified international applicant who can pay will not be at a disadvantage. At schools that meet need for domestic students, qualified full-pay international applicants may even get in more easily than their US counterparts.

Obvious potential additions to your list are URochester, Northeastern, and RPI. BU, NYU and CWRU are also worth considering. I’d consider most of these to be low-reach/high-match, but I’d be very optimistic about acceptance given their dependence on full-pay international dollars, and your son’s strong record including AIME, etc. CMU could be worth a try also, but CS is devilishly difficult to get into; I think he’d get in without a problem as a math major, though, and there’s a computational/applied math track in the math department. They take Putnam seriously and like applicants with strong math-competition credentials.

You can add Colorado. But not sure you need it if you are happy with rutgers.

Waterloo and U of T CS admissions are unpredictable. I’d keep them in the reach category.