Int'l Student Probability of Getting in? :) PLEASE haha

<p>Hi! I'm a Filipino high school student (I'll be a senior this June), studying in a public secondary institution in the Philippines (though under a Special Science Curriculum, which means we take more courses in Math and Science than the Regular Curriculum-based schools). I've only gone through 6 years of elementary education, NO MIDDLE SCHOOL in the Philippines, at least not until maybe three years from now(?). Okay so. My Courses through High School (up to third year only)
3 years of PEHM (PE, Music, Arts and Health) 3 years of Filipino (grammar and literature) 3 years of English (grammar and literature, for literature, we had Filipino Lit. Afro-Asian Lit. and American and English Lit.) 1 year of General Science, 1 year of Chemistry with Lab, 1 year of Physics with Lab, 1 year of Biology, 1 year of Earth Science, One year of Botany, 3 years of History (Philippine, Asian, World, one for each year) 2 years of computer science, 1 year of elementary Algebra, 1 year of Intermediate ALgebra, 1 year of Plane Geometry, 1 year of Analytic Geometry, One year of Research I (Technical writing and basic statistics), One year of Advanced Statistics, 1 year of Precalculus</p>

<p>So in the incoming year the course load: </p>

Research II
Filipino IV
English IV
Chemistry II
Physics II
Linear Algebra</p>

<p>Through the last three years, I consistently part of the top 10%, good grades, some extremes though in some gradings, but my third year was pretty cool. 90.33 in first grading (AVERAGE), 91. 22 in second, and 91. something in third, the 4th grading average is yet to be unveiled ). </p>

<p>ECs: Officer (Representative) in the Interact Club
Feeding Program
Literacy Program
1 year (including summer) Job at my parents' small pharmacy (i was paid alright. )
3 years in the Science team
Done two Research papers already
1st Place in Youth Journalism International Contest in 2010 in the First Person Essay Category
Reader's Theatre Team, we placed 2nd in the Regionals last year
Feature Editor of the school publication this year (but I am on tenterhooks for a promotion XDD)
City Journalism Contest</p>

<p>Am planning to join some contests this June though</p>

<p>Haven't taken the SAT's yet, maybe this June/October or October/November (cause I'm gonna take the STA II's too.)</p>

<p>so, I'll be applying to the following:</p>

UNC at Chapel Hill
U Dub
UC Berkeley
UC Davis
Wesleyan University

<p>WHAT ARE my chances? 'Cause I'm really nervous considering my peculiar background. Please Reply if you read this. Also I'm 14. I'll be 15 in February 2012. I don't know if this helps. I'm also on the low-income bracket (less than $60,000 per annum) so I'll be applying for Financial Aid. Proficient in English</p>

<p>Guys, I really really need your help.</p>

<p>Well you know applying for FA at most of these schools will decrease your chances of admission.</p>

<p>You are 14 and will be a senior this year?
Take a year off! Princeton likes that. </p>

<p>Also, I'd add another safety school to your list.</p>

<p>It's great you are so motivated!!</p>

<p>Make sure you get at least 2200+ on SATs. Not that a lower score will keep you out, but most admitted students have at least 2200, if not 2300+.
And I'd advise getting at least 750+ on your SAT IIs.</p>

<p>What else... I would strongly recommend doing an independent project. Combine your intellectual interests with leadership, and/or community service.</p>

<p>Btw, it is very difficult to gain admission as an int'l student. Keep that in mind. I don't know the exact stats, but it's basically lower than the average stats you see on the website. Probably around 4-5%.</p>

<p>Good luck.</p>

<p>These are quotes from the Princeton website</p>

<p>"We review all applications in the same manner, regardless of citizenship or country of residence."</p>

<p>"Princeton is need-blind for all applicants, U.S. citizens and non-citizens alike. Your family’s ability to pay for your university education is not a factor in our admission decision."</p>

<p>That basically answers both your worries - your income level and the fact that you are international student. Neither factor would be considered while going through your application. So the only thing that matters is YOU and what you have achieved - not a background you have no control over.</p>

<p>As for your 'chances' I have nothing worthwhile to say, because its impossible to predict which college will accept which kind of candidate. You sound very impressive, but sadly there are never any guarantees.</p>

<p>(And 14 years old? Whoa, slow down! With your list of accomplishments, I feel suitably abashed for not having been as proactive and achieved as much at your age. But since you have the advantage of finishing school ahead of those your age, maybe you should consider the previous poster's advice and take a gap year. Although it's very commendable that you're starting your senior year at age 14, it might also work against you in that they might not think you're ready for the independence of college even if you are academically qualified. Also, wouldn't you prefer to be in classes with kids closer to your age?</p>

<p>You're certainly being rather industrious, especially for a 14-year-old. :) I think you've got a good list of schools there.
As for the stats, I think chesterstreet may be right. But it's not impossible (I got in as an international, and have met quite a few others online). Recent evidence to be found here: Undergraduate</a> Admission - A Princeton Profile</p>