Intl Student Refused - Academic Standards Not Met - Why?

I’m an international student from Asia and applied to McGills’s faculty of arts. My averages were the following:

  • 96.38% (9th grade )
  • 97.88%, (10th grade)
  • 95.5% (11th grade)
  • 98% (12th grade semester 1)

GPA: 4.04
SAT: 1430

The only “bad” grade I have is a 79% in AP Music Theory. I was considered as “other international high school” and didn’t take subject tests.

In April they asked for my AP scores (5 in World History, 3 in Biology, 2 in AP Music Theory, awaiting for AP English Lit and AP Studio Arts). After being put on the Reviewed - Decision Pending a couple days ago, I was rejected for my academics not meeting the standards.

I’m confused as to why they asked for AP scores and I honestly thought my grades were good enough to be accepted. I think they may have considered my school as an US school outside of the US which means the requirements were the SAT and 2 subject tests. However, when I emailed them asking which entry requirements I should follow, they said it was other international high schools so I didn’t take subject tests even though I could have.

I don’t mean to be entitled, but I really want to attend McGill and want to make sure I did my best. So I am wondering if I should request an appeal or if it wouldn’t make a difference.

Ask McGill
Which curriculum is yours?

Other high school diplomas and McGill linked me to the page when I asked them.

The website also states that meeting or exceeding the minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance.

If your school or country was not familiar to McGill admissions, they would rely heavily on your standardized test scores. Your SAT score was good, but not outstanding, so they looked for support from your AP scores. The 3 and 2 put you in the reject pile. If you had taken SAT subject tests and done well on them, that would have bolstered your application. You weren’t rejected because you didn’t take the SAT subject tests. You were rejected because the standardized test scores you did submit weren’t as strong as other applicants’ scores.