Intramural Sports?

<p>I used to play club soccer year-round and loved it, and I also played basketball a really long time ago. Unfortunately, I’ve dropped all sports over the past 2 years because I took on a job 24 hours a week. I want to get involved in sports again in college, but I’ve gotten SUPER rusty and I have none of the skills I used to :frowning: </p>

<p>How popular are intramural sports at Brown? And are they really competitive? I just want to play for fun and love of the game.</p>

<p>From my experience down in the Low Division of intramural soccer, IM sports are pretty fun and definitely not too competitive. I’ve seen teams based on department, fraternities, dorm or just groups of friends. I’ve even seen a professor on one of the teams!</p>

<p>There’s always a few people who want to ruin the fun of the game by complaining and being ultra competitive. Don’t join a team that’s like that, and it’ll be more like backyard games than high school games (at least from my low-division experience).</p>

<p>Yeah, Napsters like me! Although I am on a steady upward rise in my soccer skills :slight_smile:
Hopefully I’l be able to take part in IM soccer too.</p>