<p>Anyone ever tried one of these? Although it's been years since I've played organized soccer, I play pickup games every once in a while, am decently athletic, and like competition. I also want to get involved in something and meet some people-- would something like intramural indoor soccer be a good option? Or is it kind of an unspoken thing that generally only true athletes do these? </p>

<p>Thanks in advance.</p>

<p>heck no! i have never played volleyball in my life but really got into it over the summer before my freshman year! i decided to organize a team for intramural volleyball on my floor to get to know other people and just have a good time. they do have different leagues though such as average or competitive to meet the needs of all people. it is a lot of fun and my roommate did indoor soccer and had a blast. definitely do this! plus, if you win the tournament, you get your team picture up in the gym for the rest of the year!</p>

<p>Just what I needed to know. Thank you!</p>