Intro to Art Therapy

I hope I’m posting this to the right forum. So, I’m currently attending a CC to say money/finish my gen eds. I want to transfer out and go for a degree in Psychology. This fall semester I’m planning on taking a math class, science + lab, abnormal psych, and honors us history. At my CC they have a few art therapy classes [no artistic ability needed] and since it’s art itll wipe out my requirements in the fine arts.

Would taking Intro to Art Therapy be beneficial? More beneficial than the general art history class? I DO have an interest in Art Therapy but didn’t know if it would be a good class to take. I know its different everywhere but I was just curious

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What is your eventual career goal. If it’s guidance counseling in school or working with people experiencing trauma, it might give you some tools you can use in the future. Art therapy can be very powerful.

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I agree that it might be worthwhile to explore if you are interested in this field.