Introducing College Confidential's Test Prep Hub

It’s time for high school Juniors to get ready for standardized tests. We’ve put together a page of resources to prepare for the ACT and SAT. We’ve collected articles from our Guidance section and included links to the CC forums. One of our favorite resources comes from one of the moderators: Common sense tips to help raise your SAT/ACT score. Thank you, @Lindagaf, for writing that!

We’ve also included links to the ACT and SAT forums where students can learn more and ask their questions. CC works best when we have well researched articles combined with practical and specific advice from you, the CC community. If you find the resource page useful, feel free to share it with student on the site or in you life.

And if there are other resources we should include, let us know!

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I would strongly suggest to any students who finish Algebra 2 Sophomore year that you start earlier.

You can jointly study for the PSAT and SAT for the fall of Junior year and take either the October or November test. This allows you 3-5 months to diagnose the results and work on areas of improvement and still take a second or even third test before the summer.

Waiting until spring means you have maybe one remaining test date, and two months to prepare, competing with potential AP tests, after your initial test. After that, you’re into taking standardized tests Senior year, which is a bad thing, IMHO.

I know my D isn’t the only Junior glad to have standardized testing completed.

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My son’s taking the ACT next month thru his school. (he’s a sophomore)

I don’t entirely agree that taking the test in the fall is best for all juniors. There is still a lot of learning and maturing that happens between October-Dec and March-June. Using my own son as an example, he was initially signed up for an October ACT, but it was clear he wasn’t ready when the time came. He ended up not taking it until April. He scored 34 on his first and only attempt. As a test prep tutor, it’s funny to me that I couldn’t see from the outset that my son wouldn’t be ready to take the test in October, up but in retrospect it’s clear.

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