Investment Banking Program

<p>hey, i was looking at the investment banking network on the kelley website and was wondering if anyone had any tips on getting in (except getting good grades of course) by the time i apply ill have about a 3.6 and im not in business honors/hutton honors</p>

<p>There's isn't a magic formula or a guaranteed path into the ibanking program at kelley. Here are some pointers I have from friends who've been in the workshop.</p>

<p>-Get good grades(A,A- in accounting and business classes)
-Have a general understanding of the ibanking field(visit sites and read books like or like Monkey Business...even wikipedia works)
-Make sure you really want to go into's a very different life stlye than 9-5
-get to know people currently in the workshop if you can(they can give recommendations to Haeberle on candidates)
-If you are chosen for an interview know your mental math like 32*17, etc.
-Maintain at least above a 3.5 or you will not even be considered</p>

<p>Above all, make sure you really want to do it. Its a commitment, both the workshop and ibanking in general. They also have an ibanking seminar which is for seniors and only a semester long. This is primarily for students who decide to study abroad in their junior year and still want to do ibanking. Also for students who are late in their interest in ibanking or didn't get in the workshop. The workshop is a 2 year commitment. During the fall of the first year you learn about the industry, valuation, interviewing, networking. During the Spring, you interview for ibanking internships. In your second year, if you don't have a full time offer you interview in the fall. Most of your second year you'll be a mentor to the next workshop class.</p>

<p>thanks a bunch, ive heard some of those same things, do you have any ideas on how i can meet up with the members?</p>

<p>There are more IB Workshop info in the following thread. You will be able to see the profiles of IBW members.</p>

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