Invisalign vs others

<p>Hey i was wondering if anyone had any experience with invisalign or other brands such as simpli5? trying to find the cheapest way to straighten my toofers. i had straight teeth but then my wisdom teeth came in and twisted them all up on the bottom which isnt a big deal. my main concern is my front 2 teeth when i was younger i busted one out and they patched it but its really crooked. just had my wisdom teeth ripped from my skull yesterday so i figured i should straighten em up.</p>

<p>My mom used invisalign and they worked well.</p>

<p>how much did it cost?</p>

<p>^usually 6-7K, there's also invisalign express which typically costs around 4K</p>

<p>For that price I would think about veneers/crowns esp if you've got bad teeth! Not that you do OP, just throwing that out there! I do and I'm getting all my front teeth crowned plus a bridge for around $8K and they'll all be perfectly white and straight when I'm done! :)</p>