Invitations to Events

<p>I was invited to two events after April 1st. I've received nothing about being accepted. I know from other schools that one only gets invited to these events if one is accepted. Any thoughts or anyone else get invited?</p>

<p>Check it out. I got invited to some, and I just got in today.</p>

<p>Ditto. My S was invited to a couple events earlier this week, and was notified of acceptance yesterday. :-)</p>

<p>congratulations to your S, Silverweed</p>

<p>Thanks, PackMom! We're so happy all the decisions are in now. This has been such a long process...</p>

<p>What are his other options?</p>

<p>PackMom, S was also accepted to Indiana University (OOS will be too expensive), Appalachian State, and UNC Asheville. We're struggling with the advantages of a large university like NC State, versus the more personal experience of a smaller campus. How about you?</p>

<p>My S1 is a jr. at State. My S2 (h.s. senior) will be going to ECU next year.</p>

<p>Does your S know what he wants to major in?</p>

<p>S is leaning towards Comp Sci, but he's not entirely sure yet, which is why he found NC State's First Year College so appealing.</p>

<p>Silverweed, Is your S planning to live in Tucker or Owen (the FYC dorms)?
My S1 lived in Owen his freshman year (didn't have to be FYC back then) and loved it. Would have stayed there another year if he could have.</p>

<p>PackMom, he hasn't decided yet on a dorm. Thanks for the tip!</p>

<p>My dad is making me wait until I get all of my acceptance letters and then visit each school first. He said he doesn't want me to be rash in making my decision. But for now it's between UNC, Wake, and State. Any facts I should tell my dad about State to make him think it's the right decision?</p>

<p>wolfpack12, what is your intended major?</p>


<p>Wolfpack12, So you got accepted to NCSU's College of Management?<br>
That could be one advantage to NCSU, you're already in the COM. Of course UNC is known for the great business sch. At UNC you have to apply to the School of Business after your first two years. I'm sure you would prob. get in but there are no guarantees. NCSU is way less expensive than Wake. State's campus may not be as aesthetically appealing as the other two at first glance but Wolfpackers grow to love it (bricks and all). I think the atmosphere of all three schools is prob. really different. It would just come down to the one you feel most comfortable with.</p>