Invitations to Honors?

I understood that UCSB would be inviting students to apply to honors after admissions. Have any admits been invited to apply to honors at this point? Just wondering if we should still be looking for that. Thank you.

It looks like you need to SIR before applying. From UCSB Honors FAQ

Effective 2021, prospective freshmen can apply to join the Letters & Science Honors Program after they submit their SIR (Statement of Intent to Register) to UCSB. The application details are on the Admission page of our website. Note: It is also possible to apply to the Honors Program after freshman year if a student is not admitted to the program for freshman year.

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They may have modified how honors admission works

The process for applying to Honors will also be changing. Students admitted to the College of Letters and Science for Fall 2021 will receive information after they file their Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) about applying to the program.
Honors Admission | Division of Undergraduate Education - UC Santa Barbara

It doesn’t say anything about them sending out invites to selected students