Invited Application?

<p>Last year, I thought read on this forum about applicants who had received a special "invited application" from Brandeis. I believe it was fee-waived and that the people who applied under this program were notified of results earlier (not as early as ED applicants).</p>

<p>Has anyone received one of these?
Do you know how the recipients are selected?
It would be nice to know whether one might be on the way before proceeding with the standard application.</p>

<p>They called it a "Blue Ribbon" application and I'm not sure if they've done it in the past couple of years (I think it was somewhat of an experiment).</p>

<p>I believe that the fee was waved, but it did not really increase your chances of admission. I think it was given to candidates that "showed interest" (e.g. visited campus, talked to a rep at a college fair, etc.). They basically waved the fee as a "reward" for showing interest.</p>

<p>they used to be called blue ribbon applications, but i think they dropped that name more recently.</p>

<p>people often stated theories as to why people got them, but i think it was in fact hard to predict -- brandeis doesn't seem to state any official policy with regards to them. but if you want to get one, demonstrating interest (visiting the school, requesting info, meeting with a college rep at a college fair) would probably help. </p>

<p>in the past, i don't think they notified people until well into the fall about them.</p>

<p>I can't figure out how they decided who to send it to. I have twins, both of whom had visited, interviewed and had very high SAT scores, but only my D got the invite. The invitation arrived in the fall. It was great to get that decision in February. My D had no other EA schools on her list, so Brandeis was her first response. Although my S didn't apply through this expedited process, they did send his decision in February, too. The application just has to be in by December 15th, I think it was.</p>

<p>Thanks for the information. My daughter did visit the school and go to an information session/tour, and designated the school to get her PSAT scores. </p>

<p>It would be great to have the early response date. Fee waiver's nice, but not as important.</p>